Friday, March 23, 2012

Still kickin'.....

Yep.  I'm still here.

Time has just seemed to fly at my house.

So many things to do.

So many places to go.

A few changes. Mostly good.

But you know how even good change can disrupt your routine.

Upending your creativity.

I've done a little crafting here and there (like giving my pantry door a facelift!)....


making a St. Patty's Day banner for my living room gallery wall...

Excuse the bad light.  It looks super cute in person!

I even made something for my sister-in-law to hang in her new craft room (which I also get to show off on a certain company's Facebook page next month so stay tuned!)

But I've mostly been spending time with my family.

Good times. Good memories. :)

My kids are getting so grown up that pretty soon it'll be just Superman and me all alone (which could be good too *wink*) but if my kids want to play games and hang out, then by golly, I'm gonna do it!

My craft table will patiently wait for me.

I hope you do, too. ;)

Thanks for joining me at the Table today!