Thursday, December 16, 2010

I won! I won!

So I rarely win anything and when Jen from Jen's Ink Spot announced that I was the lucky one, I was soooo excited. See this ring? This is the ring I'm choosing. I just love the green color. So happy!

Thanks, Jen!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Either I'm behind or I'm ahead

Today I'm ahead! I received my small SU! order the other day and included was a cute little thank you card and a sheet of rub-ons. Both with a Valentine theme. Of course, I couldn't throw away the thank you card so I decided to put some patterned paper over the thanks message and use it to make a simple Valentine's Day card for my husband. I used the gray XOXO rub-on on the little pink tag. Thanks for looking!

P.S. I think my camera is getting worse. Sorry for the blur!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another "Check out this giveaway because I haven't done any crafting lately." post

Well, here I am again talking about someone else's adorable creations because I have nothing to show for myself. Oh well. That's okay. To everything there is a season, right? I have this talented girl's blog bookmarked because I think she has such cute projects. And not only does she make amazing cards but she has the cutest button rings in her etsy shop that I have admired for quite some time. Well, Jen is doing a giveaway of one of her rings. Go there now to win! Except I hope I'm the winner. ;)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Silhouette Electronic Cutter Giveaway

I would love to have one of these awesome machines. Hook it right up to your computer, and cut anything. Plus the Silhouette Store has lots of fabulous designs for pretty cheap you can download and cut to your hearts content! Home decor, cards, scrapbook pages, and lots lots more!

To enter the giveaway, visit Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick and she'll give you all the details. Good luck!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Links

I am almost done with a project that I want to show you but I've decided to spend a lazy Friday morning (before my afternoon craziness) catching up on random blogs I follow and thought I'd pass along some great links. Enjoy!

* I love surrounding myself with quotes.
* I think I may have to scraplift this layout. Except without the cat. :)
* Found this great technique for mirroring any stamped image.
* I would love to do this to my washer and dryer.
* Brooke makes this look easy.
* This would be fun for teacher or neighbor gifts.

And finally,

* If you like to laugh, go here and here.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Time to Simplify....

If you dared to wade through this post, you know I've had a little nagging voice at the back of my head for the last couple of months telling me I need to shift priorities. To simplify my life and get back to the basics. I listen for about 2 seconds then push it back in my head and go back to "life as we know it". This past weekend, that little voice became a BIG voice in the form of misplaced ribs and inflamed muscles in my back. OUCH!! I've been living on Advil, Tylenol and hot/cold packs since Sunday morning. Thankfully, I have a friend who is a Massage Therapist who worked on me for an hour last night and she referred me to a great Chiropractor who will see me tomorrow morning. I guess it's time to really pay attention to the voice. Stress really does have a way of manifesting physically when you don't take care of it, doesn't it?

So. I'm simplifying. I'm working on whittling away the life-clutter that I've loved but that has taken my focus away from what matters most to family.

One thing that is not so concrete and will be a little (or a lot) challenging is learning to use the word 'No'. But I need to focus on being picky about what I allow to occupy my time.

One of the more concrete things I can do is to discontinue my Stampin' Up! demonstratorship. I still LOVE, LOVE SU!. I always will. But trying to round up workshops, clubs, ideas, etc. is more than my not-so-little body can handle now. I'm pretty sure I will still be "current" until the end of March because of the way SU! runs things but I won't be actively advertising. I won't, however, turn down orders if they happen to come my way until that time. I'm stressed, not stupid. ;)

I still will also be holding card classes in my home, but not as often as I have been. Probably only 3 or 4 times a year. Yes. That's more do-able. And I'll be able to use the non-SU! supplies I already have in my stash which will decrease my monthly out-of-pocket expenses, which is another thing I need to simplify.

Now, I will still be crafting & posting my craft projects occasionally, but it will be on my time and not because I need to get ready/advertise for a class or club and will be when I really feel the inspiration to craft something. Because, seriously now. I can't totally get rid of my crafting/paper crafting hobby. I love it way too much!

Whew. I think I feel those back muscles loosening up a tiny bit already. :)

If you've had the same thoughts as I have and you've been simplifying your life as a result, please leave me a comment! I NEED to not feel alone in this. I NEED to hear what things you are eliminating to help you live a simple but rich life!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

For Baby Keira

A few weeks ago, I was at a local scrapbook store and I had a chance meeting with two of my scrapbooking idols whose work I've admired since the days of Simple Scrapbooks Magazine. I so miss that magazine *sniff*. One was Wendy Smedley, the other was Angie Lucas. And can I tell you they are just as sweet in person as I imagined them to be. Very genuine and real. I've been able to chat with Wendy a few times about some of the life experiences we have in common right now so it was awesome to meet her in person.

Well, Angie and her husband were able to adopt a beautiful baby girl and she was thrown an online baby shower. When I got the e-mail, I knew that I wanted to share more than advice and links to great products. I wanted to send her a piece of my kids' babyhood.

When my first baby was born, twenty years ago, to be exact, I was given a cassette called "A Child's Gift of Lullabies". Each of my babies, in turn, were settled to sleep on many occasions by these songs. In fact, my 14 and 11 year-old sons listened to them until they were both 8 or 9, they loved them so much. Shhh. Don't tell them I told you ;).

And of course, I had to scrapify the cover and include a handmade card to go with. :)

So now I'm passing these sweet lullabies on to baby Keira to enjoy. I'm always so happy when someone adds a new addition to their family and I wish them the very best!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stamp-A-Stack cards? Check!

I had some time Friday during my boys' piano lessons to finish up my collection of cards for my November card class! Hopefully, everyone will like them. I think there's enough variety to satisfy everyone's style. Yeah, I know. There's no Halloween cards. I made those back in August so I'm already ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas to come. Makes me feel like listening to a little Bing Crosby. :)

Off to clean the house now before creating more cards for our school Halloween Carnival Boutique. I'll post those later.

Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Did you know Stampin' Up! has a clearance rack? They do! Go there now to get GREAT stuff for up to 80% off!! Supplies are limited so go there NOW!

You need to have me listed as your demonstrator to get the preferred pricing so go to this link and then click on "clearance rack" on the left.

Create's good for you!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Do you love leftovers?

I didn't love leftovers as a kid. In fact, I pretty much hated them. Tasteless, soggy. Just how my Dad liked them. Yuck.

I have felt pretty much the same way about crafting leftovers. Especially, what to do with all those sheets of stickers that have only 1 or 2 pieces used from them? Well, in an effort to be more financially responsible, I decided to make some cards from my leftover stickers.

For the card on the right, I came across a sheet of Winter/Christmas photo stickers. Don't know how long I've had them, but I'm pretty sure it's been a long time. I just started randomly placing them on the card front, letting them hang off the edges of the card. Then I trimmed around the card front and presto! I have a fun collage-type Christmas card. Just add a pretty ribbon and a snowflake punch out of my favorite green cardstock (Old Olive to be exact) and there you have it!

The card on the left was the same idea but I used Christmas word strips to randomly decorate the card front. I trimmed off the excess, die cut two great snowflakes using my Big Shot and used two big red brads that I've had in my stash for years.

Now I love leftovers! If you found this inspiring, and create something new with your leftovers, I'd love for you to share!

The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table.

Don't Hate me Because my Cards are Done!

Okay, first off. I need to apologize that my last post was so heavy. Hope I didn't depress anyone too much. I had a really inspiring weekend and I'm starting to feel much better.

I was invited to a friend's house on Saturday for a scrapbooking retreat. I prefer to do my scrapbooking at home because I never know what supplies I'll need so I chose to work on cards instead. Christmas cards to be exact. It was fun to get together with friends, to watch/listen to General Conference and to complete a project. After about 3 hours, all my Christmas cards were finished! They just need to be addressed and sent. One less thing to do in December. :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm Sure There's Some Sunshine Up There Somewhere. At least I hope there is.

When I sat down to write this post, I had every intention of talking about how much I hate stress. And about how EASILY I get stressed and overwhelmed. I mean REALLY.

About how I have new responsibilities at work now (never mind that I kinda asked for it).

About how inadequate and stupid I feel in my new job every day.

About how guilty I feel because I volunteered for an additional project at work and then backed out at the last minute because I felt so overwhelmed.

About how although I only work 4 hours a day, 4 days a week, my mind and body feel like I work 80 hours a week and like one day my family will come home to find me rocking in the corner counting my fingers.

About how I wish I could KEEP some sort of routine at home so someone could just drop by and I wouldn't have to feel embarrassed because there seems to always be dirty dishes in the sink or crap on every flat surface.

About how inadequate I feel as a mom because my kids have not been nice to their good friends lately.

About how, once again, I have lost that short-lived desire to exercise and eat healthy.

About how I'm tired of comparing myself to everyone else. Yet I still do it.

About how I need to somehow simplify my life. NOW.

About how much I hate the fact that I complain even though I have such a great life with a healthy family, money coming in, and food to eat.

But I decided against writing that stuff. Because this is a craft blog and you don't want to hear my nutty ramblings.

So I'll post pictures of these: And call it good.

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Sugar Sandwich and a Lie

We interrupt this semi-sort of-regularly-scheduled craft blog for some random reminiscing:

My oldest, who's on a mission for the LDS Church, wrote and asked my husband and I for some childhood stories. My first thought was, "Really?! You haven't cared about us or our childhoods for the last 5 years, so why now?!" But he's matured quite a bit over the last 7 months and it warms my heart to know he wants to know about us.

I thought of a few stories. Like the time my gold polyester pants split when I was standing up to accept my award in Elementary School, exposing my homemade polyester undies. Or the time my sister and I smuggled horn toads home from a camping trip. Yeah. They didn't live long.

But as I racked my brain for more stories, I remembered a snack I loved! And how I manipulated a babysitter into making it for me and my little sister.

I was pretty rebellious as a little girl....NOT!

In fact I was so shy and afraid of anything and everything that I rarely talked back and I pretty much did everything I was told to. Typical oldest child, I guess. Anyway, I think I was 8 or 9 and my parents had a neighbor girl come tend my sister and I (actually, my husband ended up dating that girl for awhile in high school. Funny, huh?). Okay, ANYWAY!

I LOVED sugar sandwiches. HUH? A sugar sandwich is a slice of white bread spread with butter and sprinkled with lots of white sugar then topped with another piece of white bread. DELICIOUS!

My mom had told us no sugar sandwiches while she was gone that night. So being the obedient daughter I was, I told the babysitter that our mom let us have sugar sandwiches all the time. She said, "Are you sure? That doesn't sound very good for you." I assured her it was okay. Now remember, I was usually very close to a perfect child, and most people knew it, so she believed me and made us our sugar sandwiches. I felt guilty lying to her, and if I remember right, I got in trouble when my parents came home, but boy did that sugar sandwich taste good!

Okay, you can go back to crafting now that I've enriched your life with my childhood tales of mischief. :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What I love about Stamp Club

I love the fact that at Stamp Club, we get to make projects that are a little more involved than Stamp-A-Stack cards. What does more involved mean? Well, it can mean a few things. Either, there's a technique that takes a little longer than we have time for at Stamp-A-Stack, or the products used are a little more expensive (like the striped ribbon, button, and patterned paper, for example), or there are more embellishments to the cards, or we make a 3D item like a gift/candy box.

Here's a peak at the card we'll do at December's Stamp Club. In all it's sparkly, vintage-y goodness.

Would you like to make it? You know you do. Just agree to order your favorite SU! supplies ($25 a month for 6 months) and this baby will be yours! Right now, I have Liz, Suzy, and me. I have 3 more spots open just for you! I've been going through Stamp Club withdrawal since my Demonstrator, Julie stopped doing it a few months ago and I'm itching to get going again!

E-mail me today for more details or to enroll in Stamp Club!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table....see you at the table!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


These are the cards we made at Stamp-A-Stack yesterday. I meant to take a picture of the group making them, but I was having so much fun laughing and talking that I forgot!

Thanks, ladies, for coming and for making my day. I hope you had as much fun as I did!! :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Why Don't They Just Play With It the 'Right' Way?!"

I used to get really frustrated with my two youngest boys when they were little. (Okay, well, I still do, but that's another post...)

I bought Marble Works with the intent of nurturing my kids' imaginations. I envisioned them spending countless hours configuring the pieces into various marble tunnels. Laughing and having fun together. What ended up happening was, they spent countless hours using those pieces to configure different guns of various sizes, to shoot each other. Throwing marbles at each other, sticking marbles where marbles shouldn't go....laughing and having fun together. I kept thinking, "I'm glad they're having fun, but why don't they just play with it the 'right' way?!"

But, seriously, weren't they using their imaginations? UGH! Okay. Yes they were. Not the way I wanted them to, but they were, nonetheless.

I decided to use their example of thinking outside the box when I made this card. My inspiration came from Heather Nichols' beautiful floral card. I decided to use my Awash with Flowers stamp set with craft paint instead of ink to make this pretty card. Yes, it is a bit messier as far as clean up goes (use baby wipes for clean up), but I really love how it gives texture in real life. Plus, using paint makes the image show up better on patterned paper than regular ink. Then I used crochet thread to stitch French Knots in the centers. Not too bad for my first attempt at French Knots, huh? The other "outside" thinking came with the eyelet lace border. I took my scallop border punch and used my 1/16" hole punch to punch 3 little holes in each scallop. I then added texture to the border by using my Big Shot and my Square Lattice embossing folder. It really reminds me of a dress I had when I was little.

Marble Works is long gone, but memories of my boys' imagination still inspire me. What can you take from your life, past or present, to inspire your crafting? I'd love you to share with me!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dressing up patterned paper

I remember as a child in elementary school loving the holidays because we got to do fun paper crafts. And I loved it especially when we got to use glitter. It was so fun smearing the glue on the paper, then pouring glitter on. And then when I shook the excess off to reveal my glittery design just made me all the more happy! I don't know if my mom ever felt this way, but once I started having kids, I HATED glitter. Hated that it got everywhere, hated that it was all over the kids, all over things it shouldn't be. So I stayed away from glitter for a LONG TIME. But slowly, over the last year or so, I've become enamored with it again. I'm loving how it gives dimension to projects, and when it catches the light just it.

I have this adorable Halloween patterned paper from Stampin' Up! and it was just yelling at me to bling it up a bit. Of course, stripes are so easy to dress up. All I did was place Sticky Strip (much less messy than the white school glue!) down a few of the stripes, then spoon on some black glitter I have in my stash. (make sure you kind of press down on the glitter to really get it good and stuck on the Sticky Strip). Then shake it back in your container and PRESTO! You have awesome embellished patterned paper that you would have spent at least twice as much for in the store! And don't witches and black glitter just naturally go together?!

Stamps: Wicked Cool Clear - #120600; Wood - #118738
Ink: Basic Black - #101179
Markers: Old Olive - #100079; Rich Razzleberry - #120970; Pumpkin Pie - #105115
Cardstock: Whisper White - #100730; Basic Black - #121045; Pumpkin Pie - #105117
Specialty Designer Series Paper: Wicked Fun - #117400
Punches: 1 3/4" Circle - 119850; Scallop Oval - #119856; Oval - #119855
Sticky Strip - #104294
Black Glitter: In my stash

Thursday, August 5, 2010

September Stamp-A-Stack: Thanks

So, as promised, here is a little peek at the Thank You cards we'll be making at our next Stamp-A-Stack class. I agonized over these for what seemed like weeks but I really like how they turned out and can't wait to get together with you to help you make them!

Be sure to keep scrolling to find out how you could come to the November Stamp-A-Stack for FREE!

As always, you can bookmark my SU! site for my full calendar of events:

See you at the table :)

New Catalog Sneak Peek!

I'm really getting excited for my new Idea Book & Catalog open house later this month. There are so many fun new stamp sets and accessories. And I think the new color collections are just so inspiring!

Here's a little peek of the project everyone will get to make at the open house. It's a color combo I just love! (Pacific Point, Old Olive, Tangerine Tango, Early Espresso, & Crumb Cake)

Don't forget, for every $30 you order at the open house (before taxes and shipping) your name will be placed in a drawing to attend the November Stamp-A-Stack for FREE! And...until August 31, 2010, catalogs are just $7! ($10 after August 31st)

Bookmark this link for my calendar of events!

See you at the table :)

Be's good for you!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Extra! Extra!

Are you in West Valley, or surrounding areas? Until August 31, hostesses can earn so much more by hosting a workshop!

With a $350 workshop, you can earn an extra $25 dollars to spend on fun Stampin' Up! product! It's a great way to mark off more items from your wishlist!

E-mail me today to schedule your workshop!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Rainbow Connection

I've really been having fun lately, searching the web for great sites that provide inspiring color combos to use in my crafting. I came across this one today: My Create, Ink. Color Lab. This is for all those great Stampin' Up! colors that we have in our stashes.

There's a button labeled "surprise me" that will give you random color palettes each time you click. Some are better than others but it is really fun to see what pops up. I think it's still in the development stages, but it's fun to experiment with, nonetheless.

Monday, May 3, 2010

2010 Summer Mini Spotlight

Okay, so I promised you a sneak peak at the Summer Mini Catalog. I'm really sorry. Life got the better of me and I didn't do it! But now you can actually view the whole catalog for yourself. Just click on the pink catalog to your right. I'll try to post some projects soon, but I can't promise. My life this week is going to be crazy again!

But in the meantime, you can view some fun stuff in the video above.

Be's good for you!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Almost Over

This is the last week to order product from the 2010 Occasions Mini Catalog. :( There are so many fun things in there I'm sad to see it go. I used the I {Heart} Hearts clear stamp set (#118571) on this layout. I LOVE Taken with Teal and so I bought a re-inker (#100550) so I could keep using it after it's retired. The stitched hearts on the layout were made with the dotted heart stamp in the set. I just used my paper piercer to poke every other hole and then stitched it with embroidery floss. I really love how it turned out.

The Sweet Pea Designer Series Paper, Sweet Pea Stitched Felt, and the On Board Heart Book are already gone so click on the Occasions Catalog link at the right to view the remaining products available and then click the Shop Now link at the top right to order by April 30. Your fun stuff will be shipped right to your door!

Be's good for you!

P.S. Come back tomorrow for a sneak peak at the 2010 Summer Mini Catalog!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's Time for a Renovation

A Color Renovation, that is! Yesterday, Stampin' Up! announced a major change in their color organization and offerings.

This has been a long time in the making and SU! has done a lot of research to bring this exciting change about.

So exactly what does that mean? Well a few things. Some sad, but mostly GOOD!

Let's start with the sad. But actually, it's not too sad. 30 colors will be retiring on June 30, 2010. A few I will really miss like Taken with Teal, Close to Cocoa, and Creamy Caramel. But I won't miss most colors like, Sage Shadow, Handsome Hunter, Yo-Yo Yellow (*ouch* that's bright!). You can download the complete retiring list here under the "Fond Farewell" pdf. And if one or more of your favorites is on that list, my suggestion would be to stock up on ink refills and cardstock now because I'm pretty sure it's a "while supplies last" kind of thing.

But now for the really exciting parts....SU! has re-organized their colors into "color collections" i.e., Brights (that are happy but not neon), Regals (which are very rich and warm), Neutrals (which are extremely versatile base colors), and Subtles (which are softer but not baby-ish soft like before). The neutral aspect I'm most excited about is this: A lot of my projects use Kraft cardstock as a base. They will still have Kraft but now they've changed the name to Crumb Cake. Same color, different name. Big deal, you say? Well, because now it has an official name, we'll be able to get stamp pads, markers, and accessories in the Crumb Cake color. YIPPEE!!! Also, there will be some new core colors that they will add to the "color collection" groups. You can download a copy of the new color collections here under the "New Colors" pdf.

Also, SU! will be bringing back some of the past "IN" colors. I'm SO excited to see Pacific Point and Riding Hood Red again! **AND** if you know about SU!s "IN" color program, you know that in the past they only kept those "IN" colors for a year before they were retired. Now they will keep them for two years. YAY!!

So does this change mean anything to you, my customers? Well, yes and no. No, because although the colors will be retired, you will still be able to use them on your favorite craft projects. They won't dissolve on your shelf come July 1! You bought them because you loved them so play away! And yes, because there will be new colors and accessories to love and play with. And because there will be fewer colors offered, SU! will be able to offer more accessories in those colors than ever before...A win-win situation!

So, basically, Stampin' Up! is updating their color palette to fresh, hip, colors. The kinds of colors you will want to create with over and over again. New colors, new color combinations, new inspiration! Change is good! :)

Go create's good for you!

National Scrapbooking Day Retreat!

I don't totally consider myself a "scrapbooker". Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to collect scrapbooking supplies and look at scrapbooking magazines over and over, but, I can make a layout and then not do any "scrapbooking" for several days or weeks. And I've never "celebrated" National Scrapbooking Day. Ever.

That being said, I do like to preserve memories and be artistic in the process. So this year I thought I would "celebrate" National Scrapbooking Day. And make it a party!

May 1, National Scrapbooking Day, will be a day like no other for me before and I'd love to have you join me!

Retreat Description:

Our lives are more than just birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. They are mostly made up of everyday, seemingly routine events that make us who we are. So we will make a 62-page, 4 x 6 mini album entitled "Our Month in Moments". This album will document those everyday moments in your family's life that will be a treasure for many years to come. Let me say that again: It's going to be 4 x 6 album so there won't be any photo cropping or resizing! Just take a photo a day for one month, print out your photos in the 4 x 6 size and add them to your completed album! Easy!! Combine all that with fun and laughter, plus lunch and you have one great event! You don't need to consider yourself a "scrapbooker" to totally enjoy this project. :)


Date: Saturday, May 1, 2010
Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Cost: $40.00
Place: My house

Your tuition will cover:

6 sheets of 12 x 12 kraft cardstock
1 Chocolate Chip Stampin' Up! marker
1 The Write Stuff Scrapbooking Kit (Kit includes 3 textured sheets of die-cut journaling spots and 6 -12 x 12 double-sided pieces of coordinating patterned paper)
2 book binding rings
A *BONUS* project - a coordinating hand-made card.
PLUS: You will have plenty of supplies left over to make other scrapbook pages and/or cards at home and ideas on how to use them!


We will be using the Big Shot machine and Texture Plates to add dimension to our album covers and paper strip elements. Such a fun and easy detail that packs a decorative punch!

What you need to bring to the retreat:
*your favorite adhesive (I will have glue sticks available, but I find for albums that will be handled frequently, glue sticks don't work quite as well. If you don't have appropriate adhesive, you are more than welcome to use my glue sticks or let me know and I can order you some adhesive before the retreat.)
*a paper trimmer (you will be trimming all of your pages and elements so the more paper trimmers we have, the faster the album and card will come together!)
NOTE - You don't need to bring photos to class. You will be completing that part of the album at home during the month you choose.

Optional Add ons:

For an additional charge, you may order the Chocolate Chip Epoxy Brads (a sample of these is shown on the album cover, in the center of the flower, in the picture below) and the Assorted Clips (as shown on the "11" page below). If you want this option, please let me know at the time you register.

As always, **PAYMENT IS DUE AT TIME OF REGISTRATION**. NO REFUNDS, PLEASE. Registration and PAYMENT deadline is April 23, 2010, BUT, if you register and pay by April 16, I will take $5 off your class tuition PLUS I'll include 3 yards of ribbon for you to use on your mini album! There are only 8 more spots open for this class so don't wait. Register today!

Be's good for you!

Rebecca Fellows
Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator

P.S. This album would make a great and unique gift! Imagine giving this as a wedding gift to let the newlyweds document their first month of marriage. Or to new parents to celebrate the first month of their new family. Or how about as a house-warming gift to the happy family to document their first month in their new house....They will LOVE you for it!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stamp Club Projects

Do you want something to look forward to each month? How about looking forward to making paper projects and adding some great supplies to your collection? These are some of the projects we'll be making over the next several months in Stamp Club and I'd love to have you be part of the group! Stamp Club is different than workshops or classes because we get to do techniques at Stamp Club that we just don't have time for in other venues. For example, see that card up there? The one in the left hand top corner? See that cool cloud background? It's not paper! How did I make it? You'll have to join Stamp Club and learn to make your own cloud background. :) So it's a great opportunity to stretch your imagination and learn new uses for the products you have or may want to have!

Here are the details:

Once a month (from April through September 2010) you'll come to my house, make a couple of projects and then place a $25 order. Easy as that!

I have only 3 spots left for this group so call or e-mail me soon!

Happy Stamping! :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Workshop Projects

I can't believe we're just about half-way through March already! We're going to be pulling weeds in the heat of summer before we know it!

If you've thought about doing a Stampin' Up! workshop in your home, now is the time to do it. Sale-A-Bration is winding to a close. Don't let March slip by without taking advantage of the great deals. When you host a qualifying workshop, you'll be able to pick something for free from the Sale-A-Bration catalog PLUS you'll get the other great hostess benefits. PLUS I'm giving away free product to the first workshops booked and held in March and April!!! Holding a workshop doesn't have to be a lot of work. You'll want no more than 8-10 guests. That way everyone has plenty of space to work. You can make a small, simple treat if you like but that's not required. The only requirements from you will be to invite friends and family and your enthusiasm and excitement!

I'll come and demonstrate a project and then your guests will be able to make a project and browse the catalog. I know your time is valuable, so I promise not to take an entire afternoon or evening.

E-mail me to schedule your workshop today!

Here are the projects we'll be making at workshops for March and April:



Monday, February 15, 2010

Vintage Mother's Day Card

Did you make your own paper flower? Here's the card I made with mine. I used Glue Dots to attach the flower to the card. I think it turned out really cute and vintage-y, but it looks much better in person.

Stampin' Up! supplies:

Scallop Circle punch - #109043
Crop-A-Dial - #108362
Medallion Background stamp - #115223
Wonderful Mother clear stamp (from Well Scripted stamp set) - #118601
Acrylic Block D - #118485
Scallop Edge Border punch - #112091
Kraft cardstock - #107070
Versamark stamp pad - #102283
Basic Black stamp pad - #101179
Mini Glue Dots - #103683

Please click on the "Shop my Stampin' Up! site!" link to purchase your own tools. Or if you're in the neighborhood, give me a call!

NOTE: This is one of the projects we'll be making at Stamp Club. Call me to enroll!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Giveaway!

To celebrate the debut of My Kitchen Table Studio, I'm doing a special give-away. For the 1st people to schedule a Stampin' Up! workshop* in their home (the first for March and the first for April), I will give you either a great sentiments stamp set or a 6x6 pad of adorable double-sided patterned paper (to be awarded at your workshop). Those are in addition to the already generous hostess benefits you can earn at your workshop!

Don't forget that Stampin' Up! offers much more than stamps! There's ribbon, paper, die-cutting machine and dies, embossing folders, buttons, brads, felt flowers, pearls, rub-ons, scrapbooking kits, card-making kits, punches, albums, ink, pretty much everything you would need to make your next great project!

Available workshop dates:

March: Saturday, the 6th
Thursday, the 18th
Tuesday, the 23rd

April: Thursday, the 1st
Tuesday, the 13th
Saturday, the 24th
Thursday, the 29th

* A workshop can be one of three options:

a workshop gathering where I demonstrate one project (that the hostess gets to keep) and
one project that everyone gets to make,


an open-house type workshop where people stop by, make a project and browse the catalogs to place an order,


a catalog party where your family and friends browse the catalogs, at their convenience, and just give you the orders (I will provide you with order forms and the tax and shipping rates). NOTE: If you choose this option, I will award you with the prize after you have turned in your orders.

Schedule your workshop today:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Welcome to the Table!

Why "My Kitchen Table Studio"? For just the reason you might think. Except that the kitchen table is in a corner of my bedroom. When we got our new dining room set, I just couldn't bear to part with my old table so it found its way upstairs. In the 15+ years I've been crafting, I've always done one craft or another at my kitchen table, so I thought it was only appropriate that the tradition continue! :)

So pull up a chair and let's get our fingers inky and gluey and painty. :) This blog will be dedicated to my new Stampin' Up! business. Here's where you'll find photos of projects at my workshops, classes, and clubs, as well, as information on Stampin' Up! products and promotions. It will probably be slow going for awhile but stay with me while I start this new adventure!