Thursday, November 24, 2011

Copy Cat Thursday - more Christmas

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving!  If you celebrate Thanksgiving, are you the cook today? We will be having the smallest group we've had in years.  Just 7 of us.  After dinner and clean-up, we'll break out the Christmas decorations (it was all I could do to get my family to wait until this afternoon!  A few years ago, I came home one October afternoon to the tree fully decorated in the living room.  Sheesh!), then we'll eat pie and watch It's a Wonderful Life.  I'm really looking forward to this day!

Today, I copy myself.  Not that I put myself in the category of others I copy.  It's just that this design is a good standby and I was in the groove so I decided, what the heck.

I copied my brown glitter snowflake card to make this card here:

I already have 2 more Copy Cat cards in the wings so stay tuned for those. :)

Thanks for joining me at the Table today!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

100 Things I am Thankful for - Day 5

Today's the last day in Kelsey's 100 series.  The theme for today is THINGS.  Pretty easy.  Here's my 20.
Again, not a complete list.

I'm thankful for:

1 - my iPad
2 - my iPhone
3 - my dishwasher
4 - my exercise videos
5 - my treadmill
6 - my Kitchen Table Studio (and everything that's used therein ;))
7 - my computer
8 - my car
9 - my piano
10 - my potting bench (the last thing my Dad was able to make before he couldn't see anymore)
11 - our Apple TV
12 - our TV
13 - oatmeal
14 - my David Austin English roses (which perfume my "secret garden")
15 - my printer
16 - my big bathtub
17 - my Big Shot
18 - my vacuum
19 - bananas
20 - green smoothies

Thanks for joining me at the Table today!

P.S.  There WILL be a Copy Cat Thursday tomorrow.  After you put the turkey in the oven, come check out how I copied myself!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

100 Things I am Thankful for - Day 4

Second post of the day!

So here I am.  Back again to catch up.  Wasn't sure I would make it back.  Day 4's theme is PEOPLE.  Now remember, we're supposed to list 20.  Really?! Only 20?!  I would put every single person I've come across if I could because, really, everyone I've encountered has touched my life, for good or bad, and has made me the person I am today.  Hopefully, more compassionate from the bad experiences, and more grateful and loving for the good.

So, because Kelsey gave the nod to cheat, here are my "20" people (and/or animals) I'm thankful for (not in any order, except for the first two):  NOTE:  this is not even close to being a complete list. Just so you know.

1 - Jesus Christ
2 - my Heavenly Father
3 - my stud of a husband
4 - my 4 amazing children
5 - my parents
6 - my mother and father-in-law
7 - my Farnsworth girls
8 - my former boss, C.J.
9 - my current boss, Angie
10 - my good friend, Colleen
11 - my Primary presidency
12 - my blog friends
13 - my Card Class girls
14 - my other good friend, Tiffiny
15 - my sister
16 - my Aunt Colleen
17 - my two dogs (one of which is the rescued puppy from my Day 3 post)
18 - my 7th/8th grade choir teacher
19 - the cast of Larkrise to Candleford
20 - the Primary kids in my ward

I'm thinking I will make these lists into a mini-album, which I'll post when it's done. :)

Thanks for joining me at the Table today!

100 Things I am Thankful for - Day 3

I'm a day behind.  Oh well.  I might get to Day 4 today.  I might not.

Today's theme is OPPORTUNITIES.  Kelsey is making me think!

Here goes.  I'm thankful for:

1 - the opportunity to teach card classes
2 - the opportunity to live in a free country
3 - the opportunity to worship how I choose
4 - the opportunity to own a home
5 - the opportunity to vote
6 - the opportunity to be active in my community
7 - the opportunity to keep in touch with family and friends through technology
8 - the opportunity to live close to parents
9 - the opportunity to use modern conveniences (I mean my dishwasher saves my life!)
10 - the opportunity to have good friends
11 - the opportunity to send my kids to school
12 - the opportunity to be employed
13 - the opportunity to be better each day
14 - the opportunity to have a husband to share things with
15 - the opportunity to choose how I spend my time
16 - the opportunity to live in a beautiful state
17 - the opportunity to be financially okay right now despite my husband's unemployment
18 - the opportunity to have rescued a near death puppy
19 - the opportunity to be creative
20 - the opportunity to make the world a better place

Thanks for joining me at the Table today!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

100 Things I am Thankful for - Day 2

So the theme for Day 2 is ABILITIES AND TALENTS.  This one is harder for me because in a way I feel like I'm bragging. But I'm really not. So here goes:

1 - I can find the bright spot in most situations.
2 - My talent for making cards.
3 - Playing the piano.
4 - Being organized.
5 - My faith that things work out the way they're supposed to.
6 - Sharing my talent of singing.
7 - My ability to grow flowers and produce.
8 - My mad baking skills (well at least for my killer peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and homemade non-canned pumpkin pie).
9 - The ability to take care of my family.
10 - My ability to feel compassion.
11 - My ability to see (something my Dad has almost lost completely)
12 - Being able to exercise.
13 - Making a cozy home.
14 - Helping others feel better about themselves.
15 - Being able to read.
16 - My ability to find joy in the every day things.
17 - Being able to focus on and be grateful for what I have and not what I don't.
18 - Using my small paycheck to make others happy.
19 - Being able to serve in my church.
20 - Being good at making my kids feel loved.

Thanks for joining me at the Table today!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

100 Things I am Thankful for - Day 1

I'm playing along with Kelsey at the StorySaving blog for the next few days.  She has a challenge to list 100 things we are grateful for, breaking it down into 5 themes of 20 items per theme.  You should join too!  Today's theme is PLACES.  Here's mine (not in any order):

1 - my home
2 - Pioneer Elementary
3 - my covered patio
4 - Strawberry Reservoir
5 - the temple
6 - my parents' home
7 - Thanksgiving Point
8 - my family room
9 - my friend Colleen's home
10 - my in-law's home
11 - Disneyland
12 - Charlotte, NC
13 - blog land (does that count as a place?)
14 - my local post office
15 - Harmon's
16 - Granger baseball park
17 - my front porch
18 - my church building
19 - my front yard growing up
20 - my husband's arms

Thanks for joining me at the Table today!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Copy Cat Thursday - handmade flowers

Good morning!

Another copy of a card from Kristina, which you can see right about HERE.  I'm sure it won't be the last either.  In case you're wondering.

I think it's really fun to make my own flowers out of paper.  It's always amazing to see what a couple of scraps of card stock and some sprays of water can make.  The green one looks a little like a head of lettuce, don't ya think?  I think that white one looks like a Gardenia.  It reminds me of a corsage a date gave me one year when we went to a high school dance.  It was gorgeous and smelled heavenly, but by the end of the evening, it had so many brown spots on it, I couldn't even wear it to church the next day. :(

The good thing about paper flowers?  You can touch them all you want and no brown spots!

So, again, not exactly like Kristina's card, but pretty darn close with the things I already had at home.  I think, though, that I need a new white pigment pen.  I've had it for at least 5 years and have hardly used it so I think it was pretty gummed up, thus the feeble-looking stitch lines.  It still has a lot of ink in it, which hasn't dried up.  Anyone have a solution for getting it unclogged?

Anyway, have a great day and...

Thanks for joining me at the Table today! :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Another Packaging Idea

But not in the way you think!  Sometimes I get on a super frugal craft kick.  LOL.  The other day, I was taking some Basic Grey fabric brads out of their packaging to put in the jar that holds my other specialty brads.  As I was about to drop the packaging into the trash, I noticed something beautiful on the back and thought "hey, that would make a great accent on a card!"  

Have you figured out what part of the card was packaging?  If you guessed the spray of roses, you're the winner!  It was fun to use an embellishment that was (nearly) free and so pretty. :)

This card will go to my good friend on her birthday next week.  She's MUCH more frugal than I am so she'll really appreciate it. ;)

Thanks for joining me at the Table today! :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Copy Cat Thursday - Brown Glitter

Today's card is copied from Lisa Brown.  This one is so beautiful I don't know if I can give it away.  I mean the photo just does not do it justice.  It looks so rich in person. (I can gush like that because I didn't come up with the idea.  So I'm not really bragging now. Am I?)

I didn't even realize that Stampin' Up! sold brown glitter.  For as many times as I've looked through that catalog, I skimmed right by that fact.  Probably because I'm not a huge glitter fan.  I mean I like it, but I only use it on occasion.  But when I saw Lisa use brown glitter on brown card stock, I was so drawn to it!  And to use chocolate paper and glitter for a Christmas card, was even better.  How creative!  You can see her original card HERE.

I used my favorite-in-the-whole-wide-world snowflake stamp set.  Sadly, it's a long-ago retired Stampin' Up! set which means I will never, ever part with it.

Thanks for joining me at the Table today!