Tuesday, November 22, 2011

100 Things I am Thankful for - Day 4

Second post of the day!

So here I am.  Back again to catch up.  Wasn't sure I would make it back.  Day 4's theme is PEOPLE.  Now remember, we're supposed to list 20.  Really?! Only 20?!  I would put every single person I've come across if I could because, really, everyone I've encountered has touched my life, for good or bad, and has made me the person I am today.  Hopefully, more compassionate from the bad experiences, and more grateful and loving for the good.

So, because Kelsey gave the nod to cheat, here are my "20" people (and/or animals) I'm thankful for (not in any order, except for the first two):  NOTE:  this is not even close to being a complete list. Just so you know.

1 - Jesus Christ
2 - my Heavenly Father
3 - my stud of a husband
4 - my 4 amazing children
5 - my parents
6 - my mother and father-in-law
7 - my Farnsworth girls
8 - my former boss, C.J.
9 - my current boss, Angie
10 - my good friend, Colleen
11 - my Primary presidency
12 - my blog friends
13 - my Card Class girls
14 - my other good friend, Tiffiny
15 - my sister
16 - my Aunt Colleen
17 - my two dogs (one of which is the rescued puppy from my Day 3 post)
18 - my 7th/8th grade choir teacher
19 - the cast of Larkrise to Candleford
20 - the Primary kids in my ward

I'm thinking I will make these lists into a mini-album, which I'll post when it's done. :)

Thanks for joining me at the Table today!

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