Thursday, November 24, 2011

Copy Cat Thursday - more Christmas

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving!  If you celebrate Thanksgiving, are you the cook today? We will be having the smallest group we've had in years.  Just 7 of us.  After dinner and clean-up, we'll break out the Christmas decorations (it was all I could do to get my family to wait until this afternoon!  A few years ago, I came home one October afternoon to the tree fully decorated in the living room.  Sheesh!), then we'll eat pie and watch It's a Wonderful Life.  I'm really looking forward to this day!

Today, I copy myself.  Not that I put myself in the category of others I copy.  It's just that this design is a good standby and I was in the groove so I decided, what the heck.

I copied my brown glitter snowflake card to make this card here:

I already have 2 more Copy Cat cards in the wings so stay tuned for those. :)

Thanks for joining me at the Table today!

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  1. I need a crafting escape...this card would make me happy making it & then make someone else happy by receiving it ;)


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