Monday, May 21, 2012

Card Class


I just sent an email to all my ladies on my Card Class list and thought I'd post the photos here just in case they get stuck in e-mail limbo.


P.S.  I am SOOOO loving the new Stampin' Up! ink pad formulation.  Especially the black.  Such a nice solid black impression now!!

Thanks for joining me at the Table today!

Card #1

Card #2

Card #3

Card #4

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Day at Doodlebug


National Scrapbooking Day was so fun for me!  Of course, the biggest highlight was going to the Day at Doodlebug event.  Talk about a happy place!

I have to be honest,  I haven't really been a big fan of Doodlebug over the years.  Their product was just too cutesy looking for my taste so I only picked up one or two things here and there.  BUT.  After spending 3 hours surrounded by the colorful atmosphere, working with the product, and interacting with Cynthea Sandoval (owner) and the employees, my mind is changed.  Yes, their products are still cutesy, which still really isn't my style, but I know I'll definitely find a use for Doodlebug products in the future.

So let me just tell you a little about my morning there and the amazing talented women I met.

I  dragged my daughter with me because that's what moms do, right?  She didn't really complain but she's not as into the whole scrapbooking/cardmaking thing as I am.  In fact, she teased me during our time there by saying "I'm going to keep track of how many times you say the word CUTE".  Yes.  I said it. A. LOT. You can't help it when you're there.

So anyway, the first thing to welcome you when you walk into Doodlebug headquarters is this cute ;) pink couch.

Thanks to Lori Allred for snapping this photo!
Each office is painted a different bright color (represented by the pillows +purple).

We were given an opportunity to "shop" their showroom.  Lots of fun eye candy.  I bought stuff to make my niece a graduation card (which I forgot to take to her later that day. Duh).

While in the showroom, we got to make a darling button bracelet.  One of my scrapping/cardmaking idols is Wendy Sue Anderson.  I knew she was going to be there but didn't realize she would be helping with the Make & Take.  I was so excited to meet her in person.  She is just as sweet and genuine in real life as she seems on her blog.  I embarrassed my daughter by asking Wendy Sue if I could take a picture with her.  Wendy seemed a little hesitant.  Maybe I took her off guard, maybe I weirded her out.  But she was so gracious and humored me anyway.

Thanks, Wendy Sue!

Next, we got to eat a catered lunch in the Doodlebug lunchroom.  Just look how cute everything is.  We kept hearing over and over that Cynthea never does anything half way.  I can see that's true!

Next up was a layout class taught by Wendy Smedley and Cynthea.  I've met Wendy before and we've been able to chat a bit about things we have in common.  I enjoy talking to her.  She is friendly and down to earth.  I love her simple style of scrapbooking.  I introduced her to my daughter as my 'friend Wendy' before I even realized I was calling her 'friend'.  I hope that's okay, Wendy! I consider you my friend! :)  So here are Juli, me, and my friend Wendy:

Here's the layout Wendy taught us to make:

Isn't it ADORABLE?!  So fun and happy.  You know I love banners so this was just my style.

Here's the layout taught by Cynthea:

L.O.V.E. this tree

I really liked the use of twine to grid out the page.  So FUN! One side of both layouts used a divided page protector.  I love that because sometimes it makes it easier to create if everything has a specific "home".

Last but not least, was Stacy Julian's class.  I always love hearing her talk about scrapbooking and life in general.  I have learned so much from her over the last several years.  I love her philosophy that we scrapbook memories, stories, and people, not photos or events.  I love that I never feel behind anymore in my scrapbooking.  I love the idea that I do what I can and that's enough.  I just feel so much calmer after I listen to her insights.  After she gave us her presentation and we danced (yes, we danced), we made these darling cards:

Super cute, right?!

She's starting a new Happy Mail campaign that sounds like it could be a very wonderful thing for our chaotic world.  Keep checking her blog for updates.  It sounds very cool.

And of course, I couldn't leave without having a picture taken with her as well!

Ladies I chatted briefly with but didn't have a photo op with were: Darci Dowdle (Stacy's sister and BPC teacher), Stacy Croninger (formerly of Paper Crafts magazine) and Lori Allred.

So by the end of our fun time there Juli said to me "Mom, you're star struck, aren't you?"  Yep.  I pretty much was.

Thank you Doodlebug and BPC!

And thank YOU for joining me at the (very long) Table today!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Cinco De Scrapbook Day!

Good Morning!

It's Cinco De Mayo today!  Did you know that Cinco De Mayo means National Scrapbook Day in English?  Just kidding. :)  But it is National Scrapbook Day as well!  Are you celebrating?

If you are itching to do some scrapbooking, you'll want to participate in this super fun, stay home in your PJs, free kind of crop at Big Picture Classes today!  Stacy Julian and her friends always put on a great party with challenges, free downloads and tons of inspiration.  This is an all day event so if you can only check their website a couple of times during the day, you'll still get plenty of inspiration!  I'm excited to see what's in store!

But, this year, I'm taking it one step further.

Super talented Stacy and and more of her super talented friends will be at Doodlebug headquarters right here in my home town and they're hosting A Day at Doodlebug. Two 3-hour class sessions.  My daughter and I get to go to the morning session (eek! I better hurry and jump in the shower!) and learn in person from some of the best!  I can't wait!  I'll share photos next week of the super colorful offices and the projects we make but in the meantime here's a  photo that caught my eye and made me even more giddy that we actually get to be there! A perfect foil for this overcast day!

Later on, we get to go be with my niece as we celebrate her graduation from college!  Yay Kelsey!!

Today is going to be SOOO much better than last Saturday, which was spent without water in the house (for 24 hours) and rushing my Dad to the hospital (he's home now and getting better every day).

I'd love to hear how you're celebrating either Cinco De Mayo or National Scrapbooking Day or both!

Thanks for joining me at the Table today!