Friday, November 13, 2015



I have been gone awhile from my blog.  I haven't been in my craft room for a few weeks now.  I think I've mentioned my mom's terminal cancer throughout her body.  I have been spending a lot of time over at her house helping her and my dad the last while.

Fortunately for her, but sadly for her family, she passed away on November 4th.  It has been so weird not having her call, something she did practically daily, even if I had just left their house.  She was large as life and you always knew when she was around.  She was my dad's caregiver.  Now, I am his caregiver.  We moved him into our house this week.  Such a huge adjustment for all of us.  It's been really hard but I have hope it'll get better.  He misses his wife and home so much.

I am anxious to get back into my craft room for some 'me' time.  I can tell I will be needing that more on a regular basis to give me respite from caregiving.

But until then, I'll share with you a photo of our last Stampin' Up! girls' night craft.  We chose World Card Making Day to make, not cards, but the Witching Decor Project Kit.  This was about a month before my mom passed away and her hands didn't want to cooperate, but she did as much as she could on her own.  My mom and I did a lot of Stampin' Up! crafts over the years, and I will definitely miss crafting with her, among other things.

She loved to support me and my business.  She would order my Christmas and birthday gifts (all Stampin' Up! wish list items) from me to support me.  My birthday gift arrived on my porch the day after she passed away.  That was a bitter sweet package to open.

I'll be back very soon posting more fun projects so stay tuned.

Thanks for joining me at The Table today.

My daughter (in law), my daughter, me, and my little mama with our finished Witching Decor hats.  Now my sister gets to inherit my mom's.