Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Silhouette got status!

Good morning!

I'm going to share another project I made using my Silhouette.  This time wearable art!

My daughter and her friend drove to St. George (about 4 hours away from home) to see Andy Grammer in concert a couple of weekends ago.

She had this great idea to make T-shirts for them to wear that night.

So I grabbed some turquoise Silhouette iron-on material.  I first laid out the design she wanted.  Like this:

The thing I LOVE about my Silhouette is I can manipulate the images to fit whatever I'm making.  The heart started out like this:

I was able to delete all the little holes and scallops to have just a plain heart.  It didn't alter the original design.  Just for this project.  I can have that cute scalloped heart for next time.

Then I chose the fonts already on my computer and welded the letters together to spell Andy.  Of course, you have to mirror any image that you want to iron on your shirt.

Here's the front of the shirt:

I hope Silhouette America improves their iron-on material in the future because the process took a lot longer than the packaging said and you have to be super careful when you wash it because it has a tendency to peel up at the edges, but she won't be washing it.  Ever:

Back of shirt

Both Andy and his bass player Zach loved her shirt.  Do you think that's why she got invited to the meet and greet?

Who knows?  But I'm sure it didn't hurt! :D

Thanks for joining me at the Table today!

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