Monday, September 28, 2015



I'm back today to share what I think is another cute project!

My grandma had a dining set that she had forever.  I remember many Thanksgivings as a little girl sitting around that table.  Fast forward and my grandma has been gone for 30 years but I got to keep a remnant of those memories.  This:

This chair has definitely seen better days but it has served me well for a few years now in my different craft spaces and now in my dedicated craft room.  I imagine when I sit in it, I can feel my grandma's creativity.  She loved all kinds of crafting.  

I decided to breathe some fresh new life into this old heirloom (which, don't worry, the dining set really wasn't that great of quality so no antiques were harmed in the making of this project.  It really only has sentimental value).  I took a can of white spray paint, some cute fabric and some chair padding and turned it into this:

Isn't it fun?!  I just love walking into my craft room to be greeted by this happy chair.

Slowly but surely my craft room is coming together.  Now I just need to work on more organization!

Thanks for joining me at The Table today!

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