Monday, March 28, 2011

Kitchen Table Gadgets: My Paper Crafting goes Techie

Once upon a time, I had another craft blog.  And on that craft blog, I did my own little unscientific reviews on products that I loved and found helpful in my paper crafting projects.  I called it "In My Opinion".  Well, I decided to resurrect that here at the Kitchen Table Studio.  It will be aptly named "Kitchen Table Gadgets".  Maybe you won't care about my opinions on things, but maybe, just maybe, you will. :)

First up, my iPad.  Since my husband owns a Mac store here in town, we sometimes get to "try out" the fun new toys Apple comes out with.  Case in point, my iPad awesomeness.  He brought it home one day because he needed to get familiar with it so he could tell customers why they NEEDED one. ;)

I don't know exactly how it happened, but ownership of said iPad slid in my direction.  Much to the disappointment of my boys.  Maybe it was the way I batted my eyes at him when I asked if I could try it out.  Maybe it was when he asked me to use it in my crafting projects because he was going to be on a local lifestyle television show to tout it as not just a "guy" toy. :)  When Christmas came this past year, he asked me "Hon, is it okay if your Christmas present is the iPad?"  Uh, heck yes!

I immediately set out to customize it for simplifying my paper crafting process.  But first things first.  I had to make it look not quite so manly.  Out came the ribbon!  Eventually, I'd like to get a more girly looking cover, but for now this works great.

One of the things I LOVE about my iPad is that I can watch YouTube on it.  I'm subscribed to many crafting videos and all I have to do is touch the YouTube icon and all my subscriptions pop up.    Our home computer is on the desk in our kitchen and I kept having to run up and down between my craft space and the kitchen to follow along with a tutorial.  Now I just prop my iPad up and follow along, crafting as the video plays!

Another thing I love is that I can load my videos on the iPad.  This one happens to be a Creating Keepsakes video I own.  I use this feature the same way I do the YouTube videos, if I want to create something.  I also love watching movies while I scrap.  And how great to watch movies to distract myself from the pain of my treadmill workouts!  Love watching videos while I sweat. :)

Another cool feature is using it to store my books and PDFs.  Seriously.  Do you see how many categories of instructions I have?  I love how I can store dozens of e-books, PDFs and magazines in such a small space!  I can't wait until there will be more crafting e-magazines.  It will free up so much storage space in my craft area.

You should check out this FREE online scrapbooking magazine from Canada.  It's awesome!

 I don't have a picture of this, but there is a notepad feature on it as well.  I can type supplies I might need or project ideas.  No more misplacing loose sheets of paper.  Whoo!

So there you have it.  Several reasons you NEED to have an iPad if you don't already.  Can you imagine?!  If you go to crops, just tuck that baby in your bag and you have endless inspiration!  Oh, and the iPad 2 is half the thickness and SO much lighter than the original.  Score!

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  1. I'm sold on the I just need that money tree to start producing some real cash!

  2. I love your review! What a fun/awesome toy you get to have!!!


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