Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm a Slacker & the Spooky Trunk Award

So, I should have done a Copy Cat Thursday post yesterday.....and I forgot.  And then I remembered.  But it was late and I was too tired to go to all the work of turning on the computer and looking for someone's project to copy.  Next Thursday, for sure.....probably. ;)

But I have been crafty.  I'll post the two cards I made soon so stay tuned.

Tonight is the Trunk-or-Treat activity at my ward (church).  Those of us who were in charge this time decided to invite all those bringing their trunks and treats to decorate said trunks for a chance to win the Spooky Trunk Award.  I was put in charge of the prize and was excited to do something fun and different!

I got this cute caramel apple at my new favorite chocolate shoppe.  BTW, I didn't notice he had 3 eyes until I brought him home.  If I had noticed at the store, I would have asked for one with 2 eyes, but oh well, he's still way cute.  He's an alien mummy.  And yes, there is too such a thing. On Halloween.

I've been eyeing (not with 3 eyes) the Frame It stamp set from Stampin' Up! since July and decided to order it.  SO glad I did because the largest frame in the set made a super cute embellishment for the tag.  You can't tell in the photo, but I used a piece of a window sheet right behind the frame to make it look more like a real picture frame.  Looks great in real life!  And isn't that black rose great?  It's from Making Memories, but not sure which line.  I think it adds some spooky elegance.

And here's the prize all completed.  I hope the winner is happy with their 3-eyed mummy gourmet carmel apple! Had to get a Snickers one for the hubs.  He's a snickers freak fan!  It wasn't decorated but oh man does it look delicious....hope it's still around by the time he gets home from school tonight, heh heh heh.

Thanks for joining me at the Table today!

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