Friday, October 25, 2013

Steampunk Halloween


Since my daughter is on an LDS mission in Canada right now, I didn't want to send her anything that she would have to try to make room for in her suitcase when it's time to be transferred to another area.  So 3D items are kind of out.  But she did ask for a bag of Almond Joy candy bars, because apparently they don't have those in Canada.  Sad!

And since she's not getting a cute gift bag like her brothers.....which she would appreciate MUCH more than her brothers will.....but I digress....

I decided to make her a Halloween card to go with the candy.  Her mission companion loves Almond Joys too so I'm sending her a bag and a card as well.

So here's where the steampunk comes in.  I have recently discovered a new (to me) site that sells all sorts of SVG cuts for your electronic die cut machines.  It's called SVGcuts.  This site may or may not have pushed me over the edge to upgrade to the Silhouette Designer Edition software.  Just sayin'.

Now, before I go any further in showing you the cards I made, I can not take credit.  I used their designs and the exact paper they used in their samples which is the Steampunk Spells collection by Graphic 45.  Graphic 45 really isn't my style at all and if I saw it in the store, I would glance and walk right on by, but oh. my. goodness.  The combination of these retro Halloween shapes and the Steampunk patterns, I had to do a double take.  And then another double take.  And then take a trip to my local scrapbook store to get every paper in that collection.  Okay, okay.  Here they are.  And if you don't love them like I do, that's okay.  I can be in love with them for everyone.  Here they are in all their Steampunky glory:

This one is for my daughter because she's allergic to cats but loves them, anyway.  This one won't cause any coughing or itchy, swollen eyes ;)

This one will be for her mission companion.

I think I'll send this cutie to my sister.  It reminds me of our growing up years.
Do you love them?!  I hope so.  Because I just keep going into my craft room to look at them.  Yes, I love them that much.  I may have to make duplicates just so I won't be sad when they get put in the mail.

And because, I just couldn't send these creations in just any ol' plain jane white envelope, I made matching envelopes with the extra sheets of paper and my Envelope Punch Board.

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