Friday, September 30, 2011

Birthday #15 + a bonus card!

Today is the last day of my birthday card series.  I hope you've found some inspiration in the cards I've shared over the last three weeks.  I've had fun sharing them.

This card uses two of my favorite things:  Emboss Resist, and my Slice.  Remember when rainbows were so popular in the 80s?  You know you sported those rainbow leg warmers, or that awesome shirt where the rainbow spilled onto the sleeves, right?  I totally did!  Well, I've seen more and more projects that are including rainbows lately.  I guess trends to cycle back around, don't they?

The bonus card actually wasn't made by me but by my daughter.  She wanted to make a card for her best friend who's birthday falls on 9/11.  Something extra special.  I think she did an amazing job for someone who doesn't do this often!

Thanks for joining me (and my daughter) at the Table today!

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