Monday, September 26, 2011

Ella Scrapbooking Bootcamp - Guiding Principles

Who knew you could organize your guiding principles in just 10 minutes?  Well, that's just what I did thanks to some really great prompts from Angie Lucas.  These are values that really describe me and my family and what we believe in.  A couple are inside jokes to us, which makes it even more personal.  I want my kids to be able to internalize these guiding principles so instead of putting this layout away in an album, I've chosen to make it part of our home decor.  I'm going to frame it and put it up in a central part of our home.  So here's my question to you.  Should I do a black frame or a turquoise frame?  Cast your vote in the comments!

Thanks for joining me at the Table tonight!

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  1. Nice job with the active verbs, Rebecca! I LOVE that you have "eat a banana" in between "remember who you are" and "strive for peace." :)


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