Friday, September 30, 2011

Ella Scrapbooking Bootcamp - Extracting Inspiration

This drill was a bit harder for me.  Sometimes it's hard for me to translate something I see to a layout.  Okay, it's pretty much ALWAYS hard for me to do that.  Unless I'm being literal with whatever text, embellishments or sketch I see.

I know I'm going to have to read Lisa Dickinson's Bootcamp PDF and watch the video several more times before it starts to click, but it was awesome!  She has some mad, mad skills, that girl.

I wish I could say that someday I'll be like her, but that would require continued education in graphic design, of which I have no ambition for right at the present.  Good thing I'm married to a graphic designer.

I heard Angie Lucas mention on a recent Paperclipping Roundtable that she consults her graphic designer husband when she feels stuck on a layout. DUH!  Why haven't I been taking advantage of that resource all this time!  Well, I for sure have corrected that mistake.  I consulted him (okay, not Angie's husband, but mine) for the very first time on a layout this week and he was very helpful.  Who knew?  I've converted him to gardening and now am wrapping my scrapbooking fingers around him. Bwahaha.

Okay that sure was a long, drawn out side trip.

For Lisa's drill of extracting inspiration, I wanted to incorporate elements from something I see everyday.  So when I logged into the computer a couple of days ago and saw these circle elements on our log in screen, I knew I wanted to use them.  But I had originally planned on being pretty literal and use the circles to house some flowers.

Inspiration: Log-in screen on my Mac.

But I just wasn't feelin' it.  Then I saw a layout by Linda Barber and knew I could use those circle elements as a starting point for a sketch.

I knew I liked the idea of the different patterns and colors in each section and I also liked how they were in a line.  So here's what my inspiration turned into.  A line of different colors and patterns:

Thanks for joining me at the Table today!

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